Our book for February is one of the most anticipated reads of 2022 and you can be assured this book did not disappoint!! Between family traditions and an enemy love interest we discover a protagonist that is no hero in a world surrounded by monsters!

Our February book has a stunning front cover by the ever amazing @bookbookowl and this edition has some very new, very stunning artwork we have not seen in a book from any box before which is hidden within its pages!!

 This edition will of course have custom sprayed edges and come with a signed bookplate plus letter from the author.

Items in the February Crate will include:
an exclusive edition of the book (including a letter from the author and signed bookplate!), a cloth with leaves, something handy for your phone, a wolfish key keeper, your next flag collectible, a bloody sign plus our monthly @readthewriteact exclusive pin!

Come with us as we discover Myths & Monsters!

The Fable Crate will contain a recently released hardback book
as well as 4-6 items specially picked for each box's theme.
TFC books will be EXCLUSIVE to each box and come with stunning sprayed edges.

Our regular Fully and Feather boxes are available MONTHLY.
Every box will include 4- 6 handpicked items custom for the box.

Fable Crate Monthly Box Options

Fully Fabled Subscription


Feather Fabled Subscription


Fully Fabled Preorder


Feather Fabled Preorder



The Fable Crate is an Australian-based monthly book subscription box that offers an exciting new option to book boxes.

The Fable Crate work with local and international publishers to offer our subscribers exclusive editions of newly released Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy books.

The Fable Crate also offers a Fabled Nights preorder box for lovers of very adult romance.

The Fable Crate offers two subscription box options.

Fully Fabled includes the monthly exclusive edition book PLUS 4-6 items specifically picked for the box theme including an exclusive monthly pin.

Feather Fabled option includes the same exclusive edition book each month as well as the exclusive monthly pin.

We do at times vary the items in both boxes but information on any changes are provided in our socials.

The Fable Crate offers one-off boxes on our website, if available.

Not every month has extra boxes available.

Fable Crate subscriptions are currently offered through the waitlist.

To sign up for either a Feather or Fully Fabled subscription spot click HERE to go to the WAITLIST SIGN UP FORM

Monthly boxes begin shipping from the 20th of the box month.

It can take up to 10 days from this date for your box to ship.

The Fable Crate deductions start from the 14th of the PREVIOUS MONTH.

For example, your February box will be deducted between the 14th - 22nd of January.


Shipping options will be shown at checkout.