About Us

Our Story

Our Fable Crate story is only just beginning…

….as we take our first steps I’d like to think that it is a deep love not only for all things bookish that drives this little business but the insatiable search for new bookish products and the excitement of a book that cannot be put down!

As passionate bookworms who love the bookish community we hope that everyone is as lucky as us to love what they do and be brave enough to chase their passions!

As we take our nervous, yet brave steps forward at the start of what could be something special and I hope you’ll join us!

A Note From Our Team

The Fable Crate was born from our passion for colour, creativity and pure bookish love! If you've ever seen a Razz Candle you'll know how much we love to create things that have attention to details and look and smell amazing…well The Fable Crate for us is no different!

Each month The Fable Crate will be carefully designed to encompass those details we love and we really hope you'll love this Crate as much as loved designing, creating and preparing it for you!