Guidelines for Damaged Items

If you receive an item that is damaged, we will try our best to replace it for you. Please fill out our Customer Support Form within 14 days of receipt of the item and we can have a replacement sent out to you. Be ready to provide photos of the damaged item/s and the box, showing the shipping label.

As a general rule, we are unable to replace a product if only the packaging is damaged. We are also unable to provide packaging of an individual product if yours was missing.

All replacements are at the discretion of The Fable Crate customer support. You may be asked to destroy your damaged item before we can provide a replacement. Please do not dispose of your item before receiving confirmation we are able to replace it. In the rare event we cannot replace an item, a partial refund will be offered.

Damaged Book Guidelines

Books that qualify as DAMAGED

A tear/rip/cut or visible scratch on the front of the book/dust jacket or spine larger than 1cm

Residue or marks on the front or spine that cannot be removed

A book that should have been signed but isn’t

Dents or crushed edges bigger than 1cm

More than one ripped or bent page that affects the text on the pages

Production defects (such as a missing finish)

Books that DO NOT qualify as damaged

Light scratches, marks or residue on the back of the book/dust jacket

Scratches or unevenly sprayed edges

Small white spots or scratches on sprayed edges, bleeding onto pages, or issues with the top or bottom edge of the book

Minimal creasing on top or bottom of the book spine, dust jacket, or corners

Wavy pages

Ripped or damaged blank pages