Past Boxes

JULY 2021

Fierce Fates

Picture by @tashy.tales

    • Daughter of Sparta by Claire M. Andrews with an exclusive design on the hardcover by @ rudyao and @fablejayne and shimmery copper sprayed edges and is signed.

    • Author Letter with exclusive character art also

    • Stunning FBAA Ceramic Money Box with artwork by @witchlingsart

    • Shadow and Bone inspired pin by @readthewriteact

    • Loki inspired candle by Razz Candles

    • Twin Busts featuring Apollo and Artemis. Including a bell for Apollos neck inspired by the Covernant Series by JLA.

    • Percy Jackson inspired 'Sea of Monsters' Bath Salts by Razz Candles.

    • Stunning FBAA Money Box by @razzcandles

    • Indie book of the month “The Edge of the Woods by Ceinwen Langley
    • A touch of Sparta with a prop of red feathers

    • Peg String Lights to hang your art.

JUNE 2021

A Touch of Chaos

Picture by @m_lovestoread

    • The Nature of Witches by Rachel Griffin with an exclusive design on the hardcover by @fablejayne and shimmery lavender sprayed edges and is signed.

    • Author Letter with exclusive character art also by @fablejayne

    • Stunning Witchy Umbrella by @bookbookowl

    • Dream Elixir pin by @readthewriteact

    • Practical Magic inspired Belladonna Kisses lip balm by Razz Candles

    • Four Stunning Seasonal Prints by Winter – Manon @witchlingsart Spring – Lou @artzzkae Summer – Alina – @emartsemi Autumn – Melisadra – C. Best

    • Discovery of Witched notebook  artwork by @fablejayne

    • Elain's Raspberry Tea by @razzcandles

    • Salem Washi Tape by @fablejayne
    • A purrfect coaster by @craft_of_stars

    • Mermaid Tea Strainer and Cookies from The Fable Crate

MARCH 2021

The Magic of Mayhem

Picture by @bookbookowl